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New Zealand Pinot Noir What’s the Scoop? The Next Big “Pinot Hype”? Recently I have read in a few wine publications of the great strides in quality that New Zealand Pinot Noir has made.  I wanted to see for myself because... (more...)

Super Value Duo from California2006 Zaca Mesa Syrah2007 75 Wine Co. “The Sum” Hello fellow wine readers and drinkers!  I have for you today two wines from California that I stumbled upon with the help of two of the leading wine publications... (more...)

Tuesday Night’s Wine Selection? Champagne of course!Perfectly paired with: Chile Pepper Striped Bass (healthy to boot) To think, on a Tuesday night we opened some Champagne for no reason and lightning did not strike us! Champagne in our society... (more...)

Wines of Note – March 2010Hello everyone, March is in full swing and after a nice week of weather we are again stuck with bad weather – perfect weather to write in!  This Wine Forum entry has no specific topic, but will focus on a few... (more...)

“Value” Cabernet Blend from Napa Valley 2007 StellaGrey Napa Valley Red Wine For our first blog of March 2010 at The Wine Forum I decided to put a few words you never usually read (or hear) in the same sentence:  “Value”,... (more...)

The Saga of the Never Ending Search for Value Pinot Noir….from anywhere!  I rarely post a story about a wine I do not like on The Wine Forum.  However, I feel that I end up here most of the time when researching a value Pinot Noir.  I... (more...)

BUYER BEWARE – Smoke Taint in Wine – WARNING I wanted to give everyone a heads up on the next wave of 2008 wines coming out of Northern California, particularly Pinot Noir.  If you are not a wine geek or in the wine business you... (more...)

Wine News & Updates, 2007 Robert Foley Griffin, Wine Notes of Interest Recently I have been preoccupied with enhancing The Wine Forum from a simple blog to a real website with more features for you to learn and experience more about wine.  I... (more...)

Vintry Wine & Whiskey 57 Stone Street (Downtown) New York, NY www.vintrynyc.com      Yesterday after work I decided a Guinness would not cut it.  Who would not want to check out a bar that focus’ on the two greatest forms... (more...)

Williamsburg Winery – 2007 Adagio Release PartyPatsy‚Äôs Restaurant, NYC, 1/19/2010 Wine is alive and well and being made at an exceptional level on the east coast in the state of Virginia. The wines from Virginia have been making great strides... (more...)

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