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Spain – The New Frontier? (Part II)

An Overview of Spain Part II           In the vineyard at Bodega Contador in San Vicente de la Sonsierra. As I wrote in my last article, some of the best producers in Spain have reached an inflection point in what they think Spanish wine should be. ... (more...)

Spain – The New Frontier?

An Overview of Spain Part I                     Telmo Rodriguez of Remelluri and Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodriguez (Rioja) While Spain may be one of the oldest wine making countries in the world, only recently have the Spaniards started to... (more...)

Sherry Wine Part III

Sherry Types and Styles A Venenciadora serving Sherry from a venenciador (image credit: es.wikipedia.org) Fino Fino is the lightest and brightest of the entire range of Sherry wines available.  Completely dry, fortification packs a punch at about 15%... (more...)

Sherry Wine Part II

  Maturation of Sherry  The Solera System At the heart of the blending and maturing of Sherry wines is the Solera system that allows for constant production and a consistent style to be achieved by a Sherry producer.  The Solera System and the Bodega... (more...)

Sherry Wine Part I

Sherry Wine Part I Sherry might just be one of the most misunderstood and least respected wines in the entirety of the wine world.  Massively popular in decades and centuries past, Sherry fell out of favor in the second half of the 20th century as table... (more...)

Spanish Wine Aging Requirements & Current Trends in Rioja

As a primer for a visit to Rioja this October I wanted to take this opportunity to review the regulated oak barrel aging requirements for Spain. In particular we’ll review how they are defined for the country and then vary slightly between what... (more...)

What Kind of Wine Buyer are You?

“A Thirsty Mind and an Open Palate” Buying Wine Part 2 Having trouble deciding what wine to buy and why? (image credit: drinksfeed.com) Good, bad or indifferent, we all fall into different types of buyers of many different products.  Wine is a particularly... (more...)