Linden Vineyards

Middleburg AVA
Northern Virginia Wine Country

Greenstone and granite are two of the main soils that make up the soils in the Linden vineyards.

Greenstone (left) and granite are the two main soil types in the 3 Linden vineyard sites.

Jim Law founded Linden Vineyards over 30 years ago and seems like the kind of guy that has his priorities in the right place.


4 Responses to “ Linden Vineyards ”

  1. Jason H. says:

    World class wines in Virginia? Who knew?! I’ll be sure to put this one on my radar on my next drive through VA or when in the DC area.

  2. Melvin P. says:

    Dude, these wines are kick ass…Jim Law is the freaking man and is a pioneer! If you love classically styled European wines this is your jam people! Not a bad wine in the lineup!

  3. RonB says:

    The most dedicated wine grower in VA. Do a regular tasting, then do a Cellar Tasting of the single vineyard wines ($25 weekends only). You will discover wines of a quality that only a handful of VA wineries are capable of.


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