New Jersey Wine

Discovering the Outer Coastal Plain Wine Region of New Jersey

Pinot Noir grapes in a Tomasello vineyard
Not long ago before summer got into full swing, I ran across a tweet from the New York Times about how some great wines were being made in my home state of New Jersey from Bordeaux varietals.  The wines are supposedly so good that they were faring well in blind tasting competitions with classified growths from Bordeaux and Napa Valley stalwarts made from Bordeaux grape varietals.  On a few occasions wine professionals from various backgrounds participated in blind tastings of these wines with their more heralded brethren and ranked higher than many of them consistently.  After I read the article I had to see for myself what the buzz was all about.  That day finally came last month as we visited Tomasello Winery and Amalthea Cellars in the Outer Coastal Plain AVA in the southern part of New Jersey, which is about 30 miles east of Philadelphia.  The following are our experiences and tasting notes from the trip. 
So, how were the wines?  The best ones were better than anything I have had from Long Island and the Hudson Valley, sorry New York.  Tomasello’s Palmaris wines were particularly excellent and were everyone’s favorites of the day.  A few of the Amalthea Europa wines were very well made, but their Cabernet Franc Reserve was the group



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