Weingut Rudi Pichler

The Sage of Wosendorf

Wosendorf, Wachau, Austria

September 2016

The outstanding 2015 Riesling lineup from Rudi Pichler.

When you have a connection to a wine producer from a special moment in your wine life, and when you finally visit him and he makes you feel like you are coming home, that is truly a special moment.


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  1. Francis B. says:

    Bravo Tom, this is a fantastic look into the Wachau, one of the great wine regions of the world! I personally enjoy Rudi’s wines very much and this was a great read to refresh on why I like him so much, as well as learn a few new things. I especially like the personal touch you bring with your words and the great photos! Keep up the good work!


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