About Tom


“Your palate is like a muscle, you need to train it with practice to be at its best.”


About Tom

– WSET Level 3 Certified (with Distinction)
– WSET Level 4 Diploma Candidate (with Distinction)
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Back when I was living in San Francisco in the early 2000s, I started to take notice of how unique and special wine was culturally at the time. With Napa and Sonoma only an hours drive north, wine was more common in the social fabric as it was so accessible. Wine was ingrained in the culture of San Francisco and I immersed myself as much as I could. After migrating back east to NYC, I missed my easy trips to wine country so I threw myself into reading about wine and attending tastings in Manhattan to keep learning. I started to host wine parties and experimented with my palate. I organized wine dinners and started to make friends in the wine business. I have visited many of the great wine regions around the world in Europe, Africa and the US.

Mostly self-taught, I passed my WSET Level 3 certification “With Distinction” (wine nerd speak for “honors”) and recently passed a few parts of the WSET Diploma. After the Diploma I may seek to enroll in the “Master of Wine” (MW) distinction. You can find me on any of the social media links below, but for the most current content reach me on Instagram.

About Wine Solutions

The world of wine is bigger than it has ever been and wine quality is at its highest level ever. More choices mean there is no one single solution. Just because a wine is deemed good or great it may not fit your particular tastes. We can teach you how to use your own palate to decide what kind of wine you like. We help you find your own “Wine Solution” as we help you find your own palate. We can tailor wines for your consumption that fit within your desired styles or needs with sound tasting practices. With purchase consulting we can help the novice get started or the hard-core collector hunt down their latest trophy. Critics and scores are just a gauge as everyone has a different palate. Tasting notes are more important than scores, but that is not what most wine publications will tell you. In the world of wine there are many ways to solve your wine drinking dilemmas, help us find your Wine Solution.


Send samples for tasting to my address below.  From time to time I review wines for publication on my website. I tend to taste the wines blind so there are no preconceived notions or influence on my opinion outside of the wine that is in the bottle.  Should I find it a wine I can stand behind I am more than happy to feature the wine(s) in an article on my website or through my social media feeds.