Discover Your Palate

One of my favorite ways to consult is helping you better acquaint yourself with your own palate. We will help you decide for yourself why you do or do not like a wine. We help you read labels and learn how certain wines will taste. We’ll teach you what to avoid and how to not get ripped off.We’ll teach you about how to detect faults in your wine so you get your money back. Much more than a wine 101 class, “Discovering Your Palate” is the key to unlocking wine harmony in your life and your budget.

Wine Events

We can plan or perform wine tasting events for all levels of wine experience, from the beginner to the expert, and everything between.

Stocking Up

Looking to refresh your stocks because of season changes or low stocks? We’ll help you find the best deals and savvy ways to negotiate with retailers to get the best prices and customer service.

Cellar Starting

Looking for start a wine collection? We’ll help you plan for your wine future with a customized blueprint of your tastes and objectives. Whether for investment, birth year wines, or personal enjoyment we have you covered.

Collection Acquisitions/Consignments

Looking to buy or liquidate a large collection of wine? With our vast network of resources and experienced evaluation practices we can help you get the best deal on a large private purchase or help you find a way to swap out your wine for the best price legally and safely.

Wine List Creation/ Buyer Advice

Are you a bar/restaurant or wine shop looking to increase sales or add variety and excitement to your wine offerings? Let us help you breathe new life into the “same old same old” with exciting and affordable wines. One of our specialties is helping capture more sales by readying for coming or current trends.

Wine Service Training

I can help train your staff and offer advice on how to sell more glasses of wine, while properly serving all varieties of wines and spirits. I also can offer tips and provide advice on how to serve and track what is sold to save more money and avoid employee waste or theft.