2005 – Chateau Puy Arnaud Maureze

Drinkable Value Bordeaux
Exists?  Yes!

2005 – Chateau Puy
Arnaud Maureze
Tonight I opened one of
the best Bordeaux I have ever tasted that cost less than $20.  A really
exciting Bordeaux priced under $20 is kind of like the Loch Ness Monster or
Bigfoot, elusive and mythical in existence.  
At $18.98 this 100%
Merlot wine came recommended from one of my favorite salesmen at one of my
favorite wine shops.  The pedigree on this wine is outstanding.  The
bad boy of Bordeaux himself, Jean-Luc Thunevin, personally oversees this
production of this wine.  It also comes from an excellent vintage, 2005
was off the charts in quality and to me probably the second best vintage this
decade.  To boot the property is owned by the fellow that is the property
manager at Dominus in the Napa Valley, which many of you may or may not know, is
owned by the famed Christian Moueix’s wine company that also owns of Petrus.
 To boot the property is bio-dynamic, which is the equivalent of hyper
organic in the wine world.  The grapes are harvested from 30 year old
vines and are then aged in 15% new oak barrels, 60% one year, and 25% neutral
Back up the truck and
stock up!



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