Les Beaux de

Part 1:                       

The Wine and Food of Les Baux de Provence 

     Les Beaux de Provence is nestled in the heart of the Provencal countryside, in the Alpilles mountain range near Avignon, Saint Remy & Nimes. Alpilles means little Alps as they are considered foothills of the storied Alps range. The landscape is unlike anything I have ever seen or have known for a wine region. The cliffs, hills and mountaintops are a mix of huge, bulky, but smooth granite boulders and scrub green foliage. The region and its many charms were the subject of many paintings by the famous painter Van Gough and many other artists.

To me Provence meant fresh food and traditional cooking. Provence is a special place where organic and locally grown produce has always been the way of the land. This method is not a trendy new way to eat healthy like we are now seeing here in America; it is the only way they eat. But in Provence, especially in Les Beaux, one can find not only world class cuisine, but world class wines, olive oils, vinegars, mustards, herbs, aioli, and anything else you can make out of an olive or grape.

The best wines in Provence, like most wine from France, express the



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