Tasting with Luc Morlet at Morlet Family Vineyards

Morlet Family Vineyards
A Grand Tasting of Exceptional Wines with Luc Morlet
May 28, 2012 

     One of the last tasting appointments on our vacation was with Luc Morlet of Morlet Family Vineyards in St. Helena early on Monday morning. Since that day was our last day of vacation, I had a bitter-sweet feeling in the car on our way to the recently built winery just off of highway 29 on the very far north end of St. Helena. By the time we finished up at Morlet that feeling would be forgotten and we would be saying to ourselves how great that appointment was. We were in for a real treat as we tasted through the lineup of varied and solidly made wines. 

     Surprisingly, or not surprisingly if you know Luc



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